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Business Management Solutions

Let us help you achieve your most important business objectives, set priorities, alllocate resources and get on the road to more success with the following business management solutions.

Table of Contents

Breakeven Cost Analysis

Need Breakeven Cost Analysis Assistance?

  • Do you know the necessary selling price of your product in order to make money?
  • Do you know how many units you need to sell to cover costs?
  • Can you predict profit with reasonable accuracy?

If NO, your company could benefit from a breakeven cost analysis,

breakeven analysis graph

a knowledge tool that identifies the point where revenues and costs are equal, i.e., your breakeven point. This is a particularly important analysis if your company doesn't have a history of accurate cost accounting.

Breakeven Cost Analysis benefits:

  • Determines minimum sales levels
  • Helps establish sales goals
  • Helps determine required selling price
  • Estimates profit potential
  • Provides essential information for sound business decisions

Armed with this management tool, you can predict profit at various sales volumes and bring greater focus to your efforts to increase sales and reduce costs. This analysis is especially valuable for start-up or recently started businesses that must know how many products need to be sold and at what price for the business to breakeven.

We won't just tell you how to do it, we'll work with you to get it done.

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Capacity Planning

Does my company need Capacity Planning Assistance?

  • Struggling with how anticipated demand will affect space or costs
  • Not sure how each work station will be affected by a new contract
  • Need more data to optimize production for different product mix
one facet of capacity planning

If YES, your company could benefit from Capacity Planning Assistance, a customizable computerized technique for projecting resource requirements across the enterprise that can help keep average unit costs down and hlep you align decisions with your goals.

What Are the Benefits of Capacity Planning?

  • More informed decisions on business opportunities
  • Flexible tool for modifying/adding data for production planning
  • Identifies bottlenecked work centers for corrective action
  • Alleviates scheduling problems  
  • Reduces overloaded or underutilized staff and machines
  • Avoids late delivery penalties and unhappy customers because
    work is completed as scheduled.

Let MMEC help provide critical information to help you determine which projects you can commit to, bid on, or accept.


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Equipment Justification

Does my company need Equipment Justification Assistance?

  • Are you looking at investing in new or replacing old equipment?
  • Need accurate numbers to obtain financing?

If you think the purchase of new machinery will make operations more efficient or you are wondering if you can eliminate repetitive processes with more cost effective equipment, your company may benefit from Equipment Justification Assistance.

equipment efficiency vs. Yearly Savings Graph
MMEC can help you gather information, identify sourcing and analyze data on the current and expected process times, waste factors, quality improvements, and other cost comparisons. You can move forward with confidence after confirming that the equipment can perform process(es), that capacity fits need, and that it is cost effective. (New equipment must pay its way.)


What are the benefits of Equipment Justification?

  • Answers the question "Is it feasible and financially responsible to purchase this equipment?"
  • Ensures that you purchase the most appropriate equipment
  • Financially justifies equipment purchase in a language bankers understand


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Financial Modeling & Feasibility Analysis

Need Financial Modeling and/or Feasiblity Analysis Assistance?

cost & profit summary page

Facing a growth decision for taking on a new product(s), adding staff, building a new facility, adding an overhead item or entering a joint venture that promises bottom line benefits? An in depth analysis of costs, profit potential and other elements would inform your growth decision.

Built in a flexible spreadsheet, MMEC’s financial modeling and feasibility tool enables you to input changing scenarios to see how they affect outcomes. The analysis examines costs for materials, employees, equipment, operating expenses, one-time costs and other variables. Your team makes a final check of the data entered in the model for accuracy and helps MMEC allocate costs to activity centers. Output from the model is in terms of total bottom line profit. Step by step instructions help you keep the model up to date. The data is in a format bankers and stakeholders understand. Sleep easier knowing your decision is backed by data.

What are the benefits of Financial Modeling/ Feasibility Analysis?

  • More informed decisions on business opportunities.
  • Flexible tool for modifying/adding information.  
  • Demonstrates payback periods for one-time costs and shows overhead allocations.
  • Pricing confidence for negotiating with potential customers & deciding volume pricing discounts.
  • Easily see what varying production volumes do to breakeven cost points.
  • Great snapshot of the state of the business profitability.

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Make/Buy Analysis

Make/ Buy Analysis is...

This section under construction; however, MMEC is happy to help you with your next make vs. buy decision at any time.
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Product Costing

Need Product Costing Assistance?

Profit/Loss per Product Graph
  • Know how much it costs to produce each product?
  • Know your profit margin for each product?
  • Know which product dominates each activity center in your operation?

If NO, your company may benefit from Product Costing Assistance,
a management tool that identifies the actual cost of producing each product. By identifying profit or loss on each product, companies can identify and promote profitable products while dropping, redesigning, or repricing unprofitable products.

What are the benefits of Product Costing?

  • Understanding each product's contribution to the bottom line
  • Selling profitable products
  • Better managing of resources
  • Maximizing profits
  • A customizable tool with the ability to adjust material costs, labor costs, overhead, sales levels, and add new products to produce a useful management tool.

We won't just tell you how to do it, we'll work with you to get it done.

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Shop Rate Costing/ Job Costing/ Bidding

Do I Need Shop Rate Costing and/ or Bidding Assistance?

  • Bid jobs without a procedure?
  • Need a bidding procedure that reflects actual costs?
  • Contract production for other companies but don't make a profit?
  • Current "shop rate" does not cover all of your expenses?

If YES, your company could benefit from Shop Rate Costing and/or Bidding Assistance, a management tools that identify the estimated cost of a bidded job. It defines a system for bidding new jobs which identifies those that best fit your equipment and employee skill level.

Bidding assistance takes into account often obscured costs like training and re-training, especially for cyclical jobs often seen in government contracting.

What are the benefits of Shop Rate Costing/ Job Costing/ Bidding Assistance?

  • Maximizes profits
  • Eliminates losses
  • Sets standards for choosing profitable jobs
  • Give you confidence in your decisions

How can MMEC help implement business management solutions to really help you with day-to-day decision making?

MMEC works with you and your team to investigate, gather information and analyze data and develop customizable spreadsheets that you can keep up to date and use as a tool for the decision making so critical to business success. Let MMEC help you get growing.
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