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Facility Planning

To optimize capacity, production, future growth & communication with planning partners, MMEC field specialists offer a number of services related to facility planning and design.
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Plant Layout/ Expansion / Relocation

Does my company need plant layout assistance for a new facility, an expansion or relocation?

  • Unorganized material flow and/or people bumping into each other or work in process?
  • Incoming materials interferring with outgoing shipments?
  • Employees spending more time getting or moving items than actually working on them? Having trouble finding parts?
  • Moving to a new building or building from the ground up?
  • Planning to add more equipment or workstation?

It's time to get assistance with a plant layout based on Lean principles to improve workflow and gain safe and easy access to inventory, utilities & workstations. MMEC can help with project scoping, process flow, capacity analysis and more. Well planned and designed layouts provide more balanced production lines that help identify and remove bottlenecks, allow inventory to be tracked from start to finish, and reduce material handling and wasted time spent looking for an item. plant layout

Save on your investment with better space utilization, less risk of materials damage, and improved safety.

MMEC works with you and your team of managers and production employees to examine production requirements and assists you in designing a plant layout that best fits your needs and budget. Initially, we gather information about how you make, move, store, package, and ship your products. For expansions and/or new buildings, we analyze available space and location of utilities & structural requirements. We can even assist with marking floors for optimum equipment location and and other things to help get changes into place.

See also Value Stream Mapping - Lean Enterprise.

See also Capacity Planning - Business Management

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  • Automation/ Equipment Research/ Justification

    Does my company need services related to equipment upgrades, automation and/ or equipment justification assistance?

    • Looking at investing in new or replacing old equipment?
    • Need accurate numbers to obtain financing?

    If you think the purchase of new machinery might make operations more efficient or eliminate some repetitive processes if they were cost effective but you need more data, your company may benefit from MMEC services to evaluate the situation and find just what you need.

    equipment efficiency vs. Yearly Savings Graph

    Equipment Justification Assistance…
    puts data behind planning an investment in equipment by proving the equipment is both necessary and profitable. Equipment Justification confirms that the equipment can perform process(es), that capacity fits need, and that it is cost effective. (New equipment must pay its way.)

    What are the benefits; why do I need to take the time and effort?

    • Ensures purchasing the most appropriate equipment to fit your budget and needs
    • Financially justifies equipment purchase in a language bankers understand

    How can MMEC help implement an Equipment Justification project?

    MMEC works with you and your team to examine your equipment needs. We can perform research for sourcing and price points and assist you in defining what equipment best fits your needs based on the processes performed and capacity required. Then we help you determine if the equipment purchase is financially justifiable by comparing the cost of the new equipment against the sum of the increased output & quality, and the reduced labor, materials, and equipment costs. The report is put it in a format your banker can understand.

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  • New Process Integration

    Content description under construction.

    Ask how we can assist with your Facility Planning Needs today!