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Customer Focused Marketing & Strategic Business Development

Grow your sales from new and existing customers and identify growth opportunities. Let MMEC help you with an actionable plan to better understand your customers and markets, your distribution channel and options, and get started prioritizing actions that fit into your budget.

Table of Contents

Product Valuation

  • Identification of highest value uses and applications for products/services
  • Assessment of clarity of product value to market perception
  • Identification and comparison of direct and indirect competing products/services
  • Discovering highest value potential customers
  • Identification of highest value targeted customer bases

Customer Valuation

  • Identification of best fit customers in terms of profit and other client determined markers
  • Assessment of current customers
  • Development of best fit customer profiles to seek new customers
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Distribution Channel

  • Identification of middleman functions and costs
  • Comparison of direct and distribution channel options
  • Assessment of direct and distribution channel margins
  • Identify international distribution systems and margins
  • Identification of market and financial barriers within the channel
  • Develop dealer management system that fits client criteria
  • Develop criteria for direct market system that fits client criteria

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Market Segmentation & Diversification

  • Wisely and systematically choosing market segments based on client criteria
  • Segmentation identifying, qualifying and qualifying  potential market segments
  • Market sizing  for products / service
  • Profiling best fit customers
  • Identifying opportunities to communicate product value to the optimal target markets
  • Assessment and recommendation of buying cycles.

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Pricing Strategies

  • Value, cost plus, contract, distribution channel, middleman functions, and price elasticity

Product Mix/Profitability Analysis

  • Assessment of product mix in terms of profit and other client determined
  • Assessment of current product mix
  • Identification of product category trends

Contraints (capacity, resource, etc.)

  • Assessment of resource, capacity, financial and market constraints
  • Maximize growth and work around or eliminate constraints

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