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Leadership, Innovation & Growth

Let us help you identify and prioritize objectives that will strengthen your top line growth and improve your team development in a planned, actionable way. Stop wasting time and money and get started today.

Table of Contents

Exceptional Leadership Program

To spend more time working on your business, your direct reports need to lead your people in day to day business. MMEC's Exceptional Leadership Program will develop and enhance the skills you and your team need to help your business thrive.

Using this special focused leadership program designed to enhance and strengthen the leadership skills at any level of supervision, from senior managers and officers to line supervisors, MMEC can guide your progress in building internal leaders. The program mixes experiential learning with self-assessment exercises and short lectures, along with follow-up, which allow participants to better understand their natural styles of leadership, communications, conflict resolution and the performance management of individuals and teams.

Create a lasting change in leadership effectiveness

  • Learn concepts and applied approaches to ensure success in supervising other employees.
  • Providing leadership to the entire organization.
  • Strengthen key areas of low skill or inexperience.
  • Build confidence in personal strengths and proven techniques and strategies.

Apply skills directly in the work environment

For more effective results, this service includes a Leadership Development Plan with each activity integrated into a detailed plan for the participant’s professional development. Before and after the training, structured discussions are initiated between the participants and their supervisors. These extracurricular activities focus on-the-job application of the training by establishing expectations for desired improvement and reinforcing the training with follow up assessments on implementation of the Leadership Development Plan.

Who Should Attend
Owners, managers and supervisors. Must have responsibility for performance management of employees.

We won't just tell you how to do it, we'll work with you to get it done.

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Strategic Growth Planning

1-Hour Plan for Growth

Business planning doesn't need to be complicated
or expensive to be effective.

Chart your course and action plans for business growth on a single sheet of paper in just an hour or two. 1H2P is FAST, AFFORDABLE, EFFECTIVE, IMMEDIATE!

  • Discover the keys to build your business.
  • Clarify strategy & direction.
  • Develop an action plan to get started right away.
  • Empower your people; get them in the game.
  • Align your strategies and efforts.
  • Be more productive & less stressed.

If you are interested in this simple, effective, fast method of strategic planning, developed by Joe Calhoon, author the the 1 Hour Plan for Growth, contact your area field engineer at MMEC or call 406-994-3812 to arrange a visit!

This licensed service is valued at $250*
Receive a complimentary book & worksheet with your session.

Who Should Sit In? Any individual or leadership team that wants to set the direction of an organization.

*Ask more about our reasonable rates. Larger group facilitation takes more time and may require an additional fee. For companies with more than 500 employees, please ask about options and rates. Additional fee-based consultation is available as needed and when you're ready.

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